Automated liquid handling

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What is automated liquid handling?
Automated liquid handling is where laboratories use robots to measure and dispense liquids. These robots will often use pipettes to withdraw and dispense liquids so that they can either not harm the handler or so the risk of contamination is massively reduced. These types of instruments are used the world over in laboratories, hospitals and other such establishments. Automated liquid handling devices can be controlled by computers and the level of detail and accuracy that can be attained is astounding.
What types of automated liquid handling are there?
The most basic type of automated liquid handling simply dispenses an allotted volume of liquid from an automated pipette or syringe. Some of the more complicated instruments can even adjust the angling and position of the dispensers and receptacles that the liquids are taken from and put into.  An automated liquid handling machine ensures safety and accuracy are paramount. They are very dependable machines that can reduce the amount of laboratory time for certain procedures massively.
Where is a good place to go that you can find an automated handling machine?
There are a good number of decent companies within the UK where you can buy the automated liquid handling machines that are right for you and your establishment. One company in particular that is worth a mention is called Gilson. They have an excellent website at where you can see all of the different products that they have on offer. They also supply other analytical laboratory equipment such as chromatography instrumentation, solid phase extraction units, bench top accessories and filtration and separation equipment. If you do need to find a supplier of the automated liquid handling machine, then this should be the first company that you try.  When it comes to quality, customer service and value for money, they are second to none.

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Automated liquid handling

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Automated liquid handling

This article was published on 2011/11/25